That’s how I feel. Blue.

Three years seems like a such a short span of time. It just isn’t enough. I want more time. More time, together.

But it also seems like a lifetime. Because that’s how long that I feel that I have known y’all for.

I remember every single thing that we have done together.

  • Sending out the”Do you want Dhivya’s wheel chips?” mail to CB.
  • Dhivya swearing aloud, “M***ru” when Balaji, our HR was around.
  • Purush sight adichufying Wipro, and Shark sight adichufying Purush.
  • Giving Purush the nick-name SP.
  • Raja turning red every time he eats something hot. Yeah, the vamp can’t eat hot stuff.
  • Me getting my tongue numb, and talking weird every time I have ice-creams.
  • Having coffee just like everyday, and then deciding out of the blue that we’re going out for dinner that day.
  • Giving nick names to almost everyone we know, starting from complan boy to little boy.
  • Having a huge tiff(mostly because of me), and then making up like it never happened at all. I still feel so bad that it was all because of me.

and so much more. Also, I can’t deny the fact that each one of you has been a positive influence in my life. I owe you guys much.

I’ve been wanting to tell you guys this, but had never had the guts to do so until now.

SP, thank you for forgiving me. I still can’t come to terms of how stupid and inconsiderate I was. In fact, I never expected you to be so understanding that it was worse than you being angry.

Raja, if not for you I would have never realized that I was doing something not only wrong but immensely hurtful. Thanks for being angry. Hope you are not mad at me now.

Dhivya, for being huge-hearted and putting things in the past even though we’ve had a fair share of differences.

Now that two of you have left for another company, and very soon Raja will do so too, I have come to the stark realization of how much you guys meant to me and how much I will miss you.

At times, I hear some of my other friends say how much that they envy us. At times like that I realize how blessed I am to have y’all. Thank you for being all that you are. Will miss you guys sorely!

I guess my first post is dedicated to you – Dhivya, Purushotham and Rajamani.


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