Why three is not company!

A friend of mine recently went for a movie with a couple of his friends. Throughout the movie the other two were so very engrossed into looking into each others eyes, whispering into each others ears and making funny noises in the dark. And my friend? He was stuck with a boring intolerable movie, and a huge tub of popcorn with nobody to share with.

“I felt so stupid”, he told me about the experience later.

That is why I wonder why a couple of friends ask you out for a movie? I have my own theory though, on why they ask you to give them company.

1. If the couple are so deeply in love. Then it is because they are scared that someone (Relatives/Friends) they know might see them, and report to high command (Dad/Mom).

The above scenario is bearable, because you know beforehand they are going to TOTALLY ignore you. And they are friends, so its okay.

2. If the couple are not really a couple(and just “Hi, Good morning!” friends). They neither have any intention of becoming a couple, nor do they have the restraint from flirting. They don’t even admit that they flirt! It is a no strings attached non-relationship with the philosophy, “Lets have a good time.”

They are even more hell-bent that you go out with them than the couples. Reasons being, they don’t want a long list of people(Friends/Family/Colleague/YOU) to come to a wrong(really?) conclusion that the two of them are flirting.

Real couples are a far better deal when you compare them with them.They say, “It’ll be fun”. I promise you their idea of fun includes

1.You desperately texting on your phone, and they having flirty conversations.

2. You ordering a cappuccino in hopes of getting rid of a all-day-long headache, and they laughing around a fully melted low-fat gelato from Fresco. And more annoyingly you have to gulp down your coffee so slowly that it becomes cold coffee. I hate table manners where I have to wait till they are done (Which is forever)!

3. You checking your watch a thousand times because your(mostly MY) mom is going to kill you for being late. They mocking you about your(MY) mom and her broom.

And that is why they say, “Two is company, and three is a crowd!


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