A pain in the wrong place!

A few minutes back a somebody came by our bay at work. Two people from my team started conversing with him about weight loss. Yes, weight loss that is right now being discussed somewhere by someone.

So what is it about this mundane topic? Is it some new(read easy) way to lose those extra pounds?

NO. It was not.
It is just that…
HIS VOICE WAS SO DAMN ANNOYING that it felt like I had a thousand bees buzzing inside my head. It is not the kind of annoying where you hate someone’s voice. The voice simply hurts you.

Every few seconds he would say something, and I would cringe. The words he spoke barely registered in my mind. At those moments all I could think of was,”Will you please get out of here!”

I literally tried to rip my head off. But it just wouldn’t come off 😐

I swear, his voice was so freaking painful. It was as though the little vamp Jane from Stephenie Meyer’s novel was doing something to me. Speaking of vamps…
I was overcome by so much murderous rage that I wanted to turn into a vamp and bite his freaking throat off.

“Will you please bloody shut up!” I wanted to scream. I don’t know what hell is like. But if it is like his voice, I bloody wouldn’t want to visit 😐

I almost had tears in my eyes, that I made a dash to the women’s restroom with my hands clasping my head. It wasn’t until a good five minutes that the headache subsided.

I couldn’t come to terms with what had just happened. Could someone’s voice be as painful as driving a stake through your heart, and twisting it so damn slowly that even death sounds better than pain? Well it was!

He was a pain in a very very wrong place. My head!

I swear this is the first freaking instance where I am using the words “bloody”, “freaking” and “damn” so much. That’s how bloody painful that was. DAMN!


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