One book, and loads of joy!

It’s surprising how much joy small things in life can bring.

Ordered myself a copy of “Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief” past Wednesday, from Flipkart. I was pretty pleased with the fact that Flipkart promised me delivery within 3 business days, and was super pleased when the book got delivered at home the very next day. As I opened the sealed package I was thinking, “Wow, these guys aren’t kidding!”

Firstly, they delivered what they promised, i.e. delivery within 2-3 business days. That’s not the end of it. Not only did they fulfill their commitment, they delivered the very next day. Now, that is just awesome. It is like ordering for a plain vanilla ice-cream and getting chocolate chips & assorted nuts thrown in for free.

Nowadays, none of the Online Stores do that. Complying with the commitment, that is. They take the customer for granted, since they already got cash in their pocket. From a week to a month or even forever, they take their own sweet time to make the delivery.

Secondly, the price. The 209 INR I paid up was a steal when you compare it with the 299 + Petrol cost that I have to pay up for a copy from Landmark @ Ampa Skywalk.

Thirdly, no shipping charges. Now, learn from that Amazon. I find it weird and totally appalling that Amazon doesn’t ship within The US free of cost.

And then, my book was wrapped in a bubble-wrap. How cool is that?

Last but not the least, I opened the book, and there it was. A cute little bookmark; courtesy Flipkart. Now, that made my day. I could not be more happier 🙂

The book with the Flipkart tag popping out :)

I was thoroughly impressed. I am never again going to line up at landmark to buy another book again. Thanks to Flipkart 🙂


The Flipkart lobbying apart, I do think the title wasn’t one for my age. People might take me to be VERY immature for my age.
But who cares? Err, it’s more like I don’t care.
As much as I like Emma, and The Razor’s Edge I like fantasy as well. It is like I have been given free reign to create my own little world.

On second thought, not exactly. It is like I’ve been transported to an imaginary world where nothing except a hot cup of coffee and flipping pages, matters. It is like living through the eyes of the protagonist. You experience everything he/she does, the adrenaline, anguish, hurt, love, and in some cases even pain. The only difference is that you can be damn sure that Zeus or Hades is not going to slay you any moment now.

What make its greater is what I mentioned previously.

You get to dream up the endless possibilities the book throws at you.
You get to create.
You get to do whatever you want, with a zero percent accountability.
Great isn’t it?

So, I dream up and have fun!


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