Took the cue; Stopped calling

I always used to be proud about the fact that I kept in touch with people even after college. That has gone down the drain now. It has been ages since I gave many of them a call. One reason being I am sick and tired of being the one to call, and never be called back.

Some may call my attitude as an instance of an inflated ego. But, I see it as

Me: Hey, how are you?

Other person: I’m fine. How are you?

Me: Great. How’s work?

Other: Oh, it’s fine. How’s yours?

Me. Just the usual. Ask question..

Other: Answer. Repeat my question..

Me. Answer. Ask question..

Other: Answer. Repeat my question..

and so on..

until, I run of questions, and am forced to say an awkward bye.


The other person says: “Hey, listen. I’ve got some work now. I’ll call you later” where later roughly translates to never.

I kept calling people, even though many of them seldom called me back. After a while, I realized,

  1. Maybe they simply do not want to be friends with me.
  2. Perhaps, they just consider me a pain in the wrong place.

That was when I stopped calling people. I have now changed my habit to calling people twice or thrice without them making calls. If I do not get any calls from then in a while, I take the cue and stop calling.

One other reason I have stopped calling is…

Frankly, they don’t give me a damn or take me for granted. Both of which I am not okay with. So, damn you. I do not mind not being your friend. Perhaps, people might say I am being too touchy. Say what you may, that is how I feel. And I am entitled to feel whatever I want!

I reiterate, I am sick and tired of calling up people who never return calls.

Besides, there are perks to not calling people up.

Firstly, saves me the money.

Secondly, good riddance.

P.S. Oddly, I have never felt this kinda way with my school pals. They are just them. We call each other during an Alumni meet, or just like that. It never felt awkward even once. Dominicans rock 😉


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