My to-do list

My To-do List:

1. Call Roshini. It’s almost a month since her wedding. The last time I spoke to her, I was trying(in a really pathetic way) to tell that I couldn’t make it to her wedding. I still haven’t called her. The gift I bought for the couple still lies in the corner of my wardrobe.

2. Visit Kavita – She’s getting married this month, and I’ve been telling her for quite some time that I’d visit her. I haven’t done it in more than three months. Worse, her home’s just a 5 minute drive from my place.

3. Meet Vaenil – I can’t believe it’s been more than forever since I met my bestie. Her staying in Bangalore was the primary reason for this, I used to tell myself. She shifted to Chennai more than a month ago. I still haven’t met her.

4. Call Anju. The last time I spoke to her, her kid had broken a leg. I told her, to bring him to Chennai. It’s been over two months now, and I still haven’t called up.

5. Get my mom a saree. It’s been almost a year since I wanted to buy her a silk saree as a surprise. I have not done it. I am so pathetic at managing my budget.

6. Get my dad a wallet. a few days back my dad asked my brother whether he has a spare wallet. I felt kinda stupid. For every birthday of his I wonder what I should get him, and finally settle on a boring T-Shirt. Should get him a decent one.

7. Make time, and go out with a few of my college pals. A select few.

8. Call Rekha, and Kauser. I just need to call.

Reasons for the very long delay.

1. I just couldn’t come with terms with calling Rosh up. I feel so guilty. I still don’t know whether I am going to call her up.

2. Frankly, I have been a lousy friend. I told her I’d visit her past weekend. But no, I went shopping for my birthday instead. Worse, she came by my home and I was not there 😐 I am out of station next weekend, so I really don’t know when I am visiting to her place.

3. Let’s admit it. She is just being a lazy ass like me. We rock.:P

4. This I feel terrible about this one. I totally forgot about Harish. I am stopping typing this out, and calling her up right away. That’s right. Karma. Her phone is switched off. 😦

5. I wanted to gift my mom a saree on her birthday last year, April 18. I hope I will do that atleast this year. Praying that I save some money!

6. I’m getting my dad a wallet for my birthday. Promise.

7. I’m mailing Shiva, and Vaenil right away. I want to meet them for a movie. Did that too! Yay!

8. Two people, I feel most comfortable with at school, apart from my besties. I should somehow make my lazy self, give them a call.

I feel pathetic. I should straighten myself up, and stop being a lazy ass!


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