A birthday wish

I received a call from my niece this morning, and as soon as I took the call she yelled, “Happpiee Birthday!”.”Thank you Priya”, I said. I was pleasantly surprised, that my 15 year old niece remembers my birthday. ‘Wow,How many birthdays of hers have I missed? Many’ I thought to myself, starting to feel a bit guilty. “Hold on, my dad wants to wish you too”, she said, and called out to her dad.

It took him some time, and I was getting late for work, and was starting to get a bit frustrated waiting for him to get to the phone. After a few minutes, he was on the line,”Hi ma”, he said.”Hi”,I was about to continue when he wished me,”Happy new year!”

“Thanks”,I said smiling. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It was a strange and yet happy feeling, that I am not able to exactly put it in words. Whether it is illiteracy,ignorance or simply a slip of the tongue, I do not know. But I found his wishing me a happy new year very pleasant in an innocent kind of way. It made my day.

In a way, it is a new year indeed. My very own new year. The next time, any of my friends have their birthday, I know what I am going to wish them,”A very happy new year!”


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