A Letter


I have been very busy for the past couple of weeks due to work, travel, and my health.

I still have a slightly sore throat, which I hope clears up before Saturday.

I have had lots of shopping to do, and I did that past Sunday. (Saturday being one of my friend’s wedding, I couldn’t do anything else.)

I still have some left to do. And God knows how I am going to do that.

Finally, I’ve been loaded with too work up until today that I had to endure an entire day of severe migraine and another day of throat infection+fever at office without availing a leave.

I have been told that I have taken too many leaves(12) already. I agree I have, but those were taken due to valid reasons (Health/Weddings of my friends/Visiting a few temples that my parents were very stubborn about), not for some vacation. Even though I knew not to expect better, I was kinda pissed. I kept quiet though, and kept doing whatever work they threw me my way.

I was getting increasingly frustrated with my work, people at work, and ultimately myself. This did no good to my general attitude and behavior. All that pent up frustration had reflected badly in my attitude at home. I kept getting angry with my dad and mom for some stupid reason or the other.

Yesterday I met a couple of my best friends, who wanted to meet me before I left for France. They were the ones who made me realize how stupid I was behaving. I thought about what I had been doing.

Not eating properly.
Taking out my anger at parents.
Not replying/responding to people
I was amazed at how much I was ruining myself, and deciding to set a few things straight. I have already given some people back what they deserve, and have decided to continue keep doing that. I’ve already let too much of my work life interfere with my personal life. And I have decided to not let it happen anymore.

I don’t know why I am telling you all of this. But typing this out makes me feel better.



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