You gotta be a lil’ smart like that..

I wanted to purchase a pair of casual shoes recently, and my very recent realization of ripping-people-of-their hard-earned* money by Retail Stores in Chennai, made me do some research before I shell out money.

Now, I am not a parsimonious freak, who freaks out to spend a single rupee. To the contrary my parents call me a spendthrift, which I sadly acknowledge.

So the primary reason I wanted to do research is to get the maximum out of the 10k budget that I had 😛

I visited few of the online stores that sell in India

1. Flipkart
2. Myntra

I found a few good deals including a FILA sports shoe, and a couple of PUMA casual shoes. Then I decided to check whether PUMA had an exclusive online store of their own. And what do you know? They have one.

I started applying filters
Women>Footwear>Closed Shoes

And there it was

What a great deal! I thought to myself, and proceeded to checkout. That’s when I realized that I do not know my shoe size. I am used to walking into a Metro or Mochi Outlet and picking out footwear that fit me best, that I rarely think about shoe size.

I crossed my legs, and saw the number on my slide sandals, and they read 39. I was happy. But that didn’t last long, when I saw the numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the combo box provided. I frowned. It either meant that I was one of those huge people from Brobdingnag or that I had to do conversions. Sigh. Fortunately, there was a link that had a size conversion chart, which roughly pointed me to a size 6. That’s when I realized why people buy from stowrooms and not online stores.

Past weekend I made a trip to Express Avenue, the largest shopping mall in Chennai. I went straight to the Puma showroom.

  1. Picked out the shoe
  2. Asked for a size 6
  3. Tried it on

I was happy. Not wanting to give too much away about my intentions, I did not react. I asked the salesperson how much the shoe cost. “Jusy two-nine-nine-nine, Mam”, he said.

“Whoa! What a rip-off” I thought to myself. Not only is that around 1200 rupees more than what the online store was offering that was 200 rupees more than the MRP. I frowned.

After a few minutes of fake deliberation I walked out saying, “I’ll try a few other brands and come back”.

Later that day, I ordered myself the same pair of shoes from Puma’s Online Store. I got my shoes delivered yesterday. I tried them on, and what do you know?

They fit me perfect!


* – in most cases.


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