Sleepy Sunday

I slept through almost the entire Sunday, after all the non-stop drama the previous day.  What could have been an interesting day @ the Louvre Museum turned out to be a day lounging on the bed watching repeat episodes from the The Big Bang Theory. Sigh.

So, the only things that I did worth mentioning were

1. Talking to my mom, who was crying on the phone that last time I spoke to her, which was on the way from the airport to the hotel. I didn’t realize that I’d miss home that much, and that a few weeks away would mean so much. Talking to my family definitely made my day, and perhaps that is why I did not bother to get out of my room.

2. If you consider making instant noodles and an omelette as cooking, you can add that to my list too 😛

Night fell, and I was ready to sleep. Never in my lifetime have I slept without a family or friends nearby. But now I was all alone. And all of a sudden, I started feeling lonely like never before.

I forced myself into trying to sleep. But sleep was not the only thing on my mind…


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