My Best Friend’s Wedding

No, this is not about the film featuring Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, and Cameron Diaz. Neither is it about a triangular love story. It truly is about my best friend’s wedding.

A couple of months back, she said, “Me, and *******. We are getting married”. I could not have been more happier. A fairy tale finish, for a story with so many twists and turns. With just over a month to go, she had an awful lot to do, and me being jobless over the weekends was just what she needed.

We discussed the guest list, and after much thought decided to keep it limited. As a part of the bride-pampering-process, she signed up for a facial and pedicure session. I kept her company through her facial, and then she stepped up for her pedicure. Being a sucker for pedicures I too signed up for it. We had a fun time throughout, talking all sorts of nonsense, and laughing like we were mad. To end what was a perfect grooming session, we both painted our nails in odd colours. She chose Violet, and I chose Lavender. Call me weird, but this is what I call a perfect day. Me and my bestie getting pedicures 🙂

We then made a trip to our favourite place in Chennai – T. Nagar. Not knowing the route, I simply chose to follow the MTC bus towards our destination. After parking my vehicle, we roamed around for almost the entire evening, and she was just done with her first round of shopping.

Her big day was fast approaching, and I was getting ready for it as well. I got my sarees ironed out, and my accessories put together. I planned to stay over for the wedding. After all, how many times is my best friend going to get married? The day before her wedding reception, she called me up and asked me to get her a couple more accessories. “Are you kidding me? Tomorrow’s your wedding, and you still haven’t bought all stuff?” I dragged myself to T.nagar and got her the stuff she asked.

I reached her home at 2 pm on the day of her reception, and was kinda shocked to see her in her jammies. It was after my prompting did she hurry to get her makeup done, and we reached the wedding hall just on time. Her reception was hectic, to put it mildly. I was her “touch-up girl” all through her photo session, and boy was she in her groove. She kept giving stunning poses, while her beau was finding it hard to be casual. I was drained by the end of the day, and was ready to hit the sack at 1 AM. Those who know me personally, would know how much of a stretch that is. We got to bed at 1 AM in the morning, when my adorable bestie decided to open the gifts. I was all but ready to kill her, when she herself realized she was stretching too much, and turned off the lights.

Her wedding was delightful, and finally I had some time to just sit back and enjoy it. From a distance I could how nervous and yet happy she was. The groom tied the knot, and she smiled in delight. And that was when I realized how much I adored her, loved her, and how much I was gonna miss her.

As much as I was happy for her, a small part of me was sulking,”So… I can’t meet my best friend as easily as I used to anymore. She’d be so far away in Delhi. Who would I do my roaming around with? Whose legs am I supposed to pull? Who can I share my everything with? With whom can I discern all my inhibitions?” Honestly, I felt a bit burdened. She was my daily dose of strength. Someone who accepts me with all my flaws. Someone who always had my back.

It was time for me to leave. I gave her a hug, and waved her goodbye. What kept me happy, was the thought that she was just a phone call away.


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