I-pods and Headphones

I often hear dudes discussing about how good a particular type of headphone is. They keep drooling over it as if it was Katrina Kaif. For me headphones has always been “A thing that I can use to listen to songs, or talk without my ears getting ironed out”. It has never been about the Bass or the Treble.

Often I wonder why they are so much obsessed with the schematics. You want good sound? Get a decent headset. Period. What good is it if you can’t hear the 1000 ton truck blaring its horn, when you are crossing the road.

I still remember searching in flipkart for the price of the headsets I own. It cost around 2700 bucks. I went home that day, dug through my brother’s stuff and found the headsets that I oh-so-easily wanted to replace because I was lazy enough to deem it lost. Who would give so much money for headsets anyway? Apparently many!

I have these Sony Ericsson headphones, a pair of Chinese headphones, and then the pair of earphones that Dell gave me on purchasing a laptop. I listen to songs on my phone using all three. Although there is a distinct difference in the sound quality between the Chinese one and the other two, I have never found any significant difference between Sony and Dell. As long as the song does not drag and sounds just like it should I’m good. I do not care for the bass or the treble. Then, that is just me.

Then there are these I-pod guys; more so like the kolaveri guys. They simply can’t keep their hands off their I-pod. They even want to run on the treadmill with the I-pod plugged into their ears. The I-pod shows exactly how much calories I have burnt!” they cry in delight. “Hello, the big bad machine you were running on, that too shows the same. So why freak out?” I want to ask.

I have this age-old Transcend MP3 player. It still is good as new, if you ask me. I have some of my favorite songs loaded into it, and I want to sing along every time I hear one of the songs which I so love. Every time I travel, I never forget to take it with me. The only problem is, my brother. He bullies me into sharing it, and even though I don’t I was getting tired of his constant nagging.

He has been asking me about how much an I-pod costs very often, that I decided I would get him one for his birthday, and finally get him off my case. I walk in to the Apple Imagine Store @ Ampa Skywalk to get him the I-pod shuffle. I remind myself, “Ok, that’s 4K gone from my monthly budget. Should not spend money on handbags, watches or shoes!” I ask the salesperson, where I can find the I-pod Shuffle.” Sorry Madam, we have run out of the shuffle. You can try the Nano.” I try to act normal, and go over to the station where the Nano’s are docked. I try to find as many pitfalls in the Nano as I can, so that I can refuse buying owing to the fact that it is not good enough.

“Does it have a video playback?” I ask knowing fully well that it does not at the cost of sounding so very ignorant. In my mind though, I am rapidly calculating as to how much of hole it is going to make in my wallet. So, how much does the I-pod nano cost? A freaking 9K! That for the same Sheila-Ki-Jawani that sings oh-so-clearly on my 6-year-old transcend MP3 player.

I did gift my brother the I-pod nano though, and that again is another story!

P.S. I hate people who are glued to their headsets while crossing roads.


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