Guys and Gifts

I have always had, and will always have problems with finding gifts for guys. It’s been like this forever. Ok, not forever. I’ve been having this problem only since I started working. Not that I was good in selecting gifts before, it’s just that I did not find anybody for whom I felt the connection to gift. The only guys I gifted when I was in school or college were probably my dad and my little brother. More on that later.

So, I made a few good friends, and a couple of best friends at work. And every year they have birthdays. Duh! Since I have this great affinity for buying gifts, more often than not it would be me who scours shopping malls, and card outlets for the perfect birthday gift. Unfortunately, guys do not have no-brainer options like Cosmetics or Churidhar materials where one-size-fits-all. As far as I know, guys have the option of WWW, i.e. watches, wallets and wardrobe. They do not have any other options, say, without consequences.

Here are my top 5 list of gifts gone wrong.
Most recently, it happened with Anand. What should we get for his farewell? A laptop dock perhaps? Well, it would be useful. When I told him what I gift was just before he could open it, his look said it all. He did not own a laptop šŸ˜

Then there was a time when we had to purchase a gift for Veera. Now, he is like an elder brother so we(me, and my other friends) wanted to get him a perfect gift. After thinking hard for days, which almost turned into weeks, I had a bright idea. An idea that we had thought of for so many other birthdays, but never went with. I rang Veera up, without giving him a chance to think asked him what he wanted for his birthday. Well, him being the Anna, he graciously said, “It is your wish!”. Problem still not solved. Again my brain started to work like it usually does, I got him a gift that I would cherish, “a gift card @ landmark!” I still do not know if he has used it yet.

It was Raja’s birthday. And I had been left with the duty of finding him a gift. After thinking, thinking and some more thinking, I had come up with nothing. So I went to my default list of “watches, wallets, and wardrobe”. On my defense, this is the logic girls apply while purchasing wallets for ourselves. We want our wallets to hold everything from our cash, credit/debit cards, identity cards, portraits of our family, our favourite God, discount vouchers to the Eyetex bindi strips. And we all want the built-in mirror. Unfortunately, when I applied the same logic into buying a wallet for a guy, I blew it.Ā  I got him a wallet @ Landmark, Chennai. I was so happy that I could find a decent one. By decent, I mean you could fit in everything you want. The only problem was, well, the wallet wouldn’t fit in.

Then we have my kid bro. It was his birthday, and I didn’t know what to get. I had gotten him everything for his previous birthdays so far, so I wanted this one to be different. He had been hinting about how he has been wanting an ipod by asking me how much one costed, very often. Or that is what I thought. When I burnt my whole monthly budget to get him an ipod nano that I so wanted to keep for myself, he greeted it with a, “You could have got me a playstation, it is cheaper and I would have liked it better!” There you go, I spend my whole month’s budget, and the devil says he doesn’t like it.

My dad had been asking me to get him a T-Shirt for quite some time, and I was shopping with SP that day. So we walk into the arrow store, and I see this absolutely perfect jacket. I’d been wanting one for ages, so I decide to try it out and guess what, it was a snuggle-fit. We then purchase a couple of formal shirts for SP. We then move to the T-shirt section, when I find this lovely T-shirt which I think my dad would love. The total comes to around 5K, and it so happens that there is 50% off on the T-shirts for purchases more than 4K. Ok, fine I saw the offer, before I even started to browse through the T-shirts. I am so happy with the purchase, especially with bargain. I gift my dad the T-shirt, and he doesn’t wear it the next few days. Just when I begin to wonder whether he doesn’t like my choice, he wears it. Normally you’d expect me to be happy. Instead, I yelled at him, and screamed “I totally regret getting you the shirt. I really do”. This is what the T-shirt looked like.

Guys! What gift do we get them? Without any consequences ofcourse šŸ˜‰


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