Ungrateful People

It’s amazing how ungrateful people can be.

Especially some men.

Born to a dad who is the epitome of sacrifice and love, I know how loving men can be. So, don’t get me wrong. It’s just there are a few who are so damn selfish!

It pains me to see a friend in pain just because her husband is being a jerk to her. Her, who has given up so much for him and his family. Her, because of whom he and his parents are able to live the life that they are living now. Her, who refuses to buy stuff for herself but makes sure everybody in her family gets pampered. Her, who works day and night, so that her family is able to sleep peacefully at night. Her, whose only expectation was love in time of need. And that’s precisely what he failed to give.

I wonder how shallow he must be to not lend a shoulder, a word of support, or even a touch of love. Rather, he has to nerve to  chastise her lest she loses her job(which is not going to happen) over a silly tiff at work. What a selfish inconsiderate moron!



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