After so many months of wanting to have a wordpress blog, I finally signed up past friday. Makes me feel happy, for some unknown reason.

I guess there are too many software engineers who blog, so I’d like to skip that part.

I love my family. My over protective parents, who want me home by 9, and never let me go out on my own. My kid brother with whom I play Monopoly and cards even today. Even though he is younger, he is the one who advises me and sometimes even reprimands me for stuff that I do.

I am a recluse. But once I’ve got acquainted I’m what people call ‘the chatterbox’. Been called that many a time, that I’ve taken to considering that as a compliment.

I wear my heart out on the sleeve, and it gets me hurt more often than not. I love rooting for the underdog, cause I consider myself to be one.

I can be candid; frank to the point that at times it might hurt the other person. I have been working on this for quite some time now, and hopefully I have improved.

I am not outdoorsy, but I am hoping that the man of life would be. How else can I see the world, since my parents are never gonna let me out (..there in the wild!)

I prefer watching sports to soaps, with F1, and tennis being my favorites, and Rafa being my sweetheart! šŸ™‚

I love shopping for gifts, and for the Archies gift tag to go along with the gift! It makes me happy when I gift people.

I have my own opinions, and I will most definitely not change because someone said so or because it is trending on twitter. Likewise, I admire and respect people with opinions even if I do not agree with their opinions.

And finally writing. I started writing hoping to become a poet. Ok, not quite. I started writing because I felt happy when I read what I wrote. And that is why I still do. Writing makes me happy! And Colours is about me, and my multi-coloured life.


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