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A daughter named Sammy

I had this dream a couple of days ago, and found it very amusing. I’ve added a bit of my wild imagination to hopefully make it more interesting 🙂


“I want to name our daughter Samantha”, I said casually as I settled into one of the bamboo chairs in our porch. “What?” he asked nonchalantly, without so much as moving an eyebrow. “I said, I want to name our daughter Samantha”, I repeated, my voice a bit more louder now. “What?” he looked up at me, putting away the newspaper he was so very engrossed in.

From the way he looked, I could guess that he was contemplating whether he should be happy or plain confused. I wanted to laugh; instead, I looked away, wanting to not only deny him any explanation but to also hide the gleam in my eyes. It’s fun time, I thought.

I could see from the corner of my eye that he was getting up from his chair. I quickly crossed my leg, and picked up the Magazine that lay on our front table. I tried to put up an act of reading, but he knew better. He covered the short distance between us in a jiffy, and was down on his knees. He tugged firmly at the magazine I was holding, and put it away. He was staring into my eyes. “Is there something I should know?” he asked expectantly, placing his hands on my lap.

How could I resist those puppy dog eyes of his? “No”, I said pushing him back a notch. “I just want to name our daughter, Sammy,” I said placing my hand on his cheeks. In that one moment, I did see a spark die out in his eye, but it was back the very next moment. It was as if he had realized something. “Sammy”, he continued after a brief pause. “So all this talk, was because of some crazy idea in your head?”, he laughed. “Yep”, I rolled my eyes.

Despite the laugh, I could see that he had this glassy look in his eyes. He stood up and walked towards the wooden railing that bordered our porch, all the while laughing and shaking his head. He leaned back on the railing, and said, “You’re mad. Do you know that?”

“You’ve told me that before. And honestly I take that as a compliment”, I winked.

He laughed some more, and continued. “Jeez, Aru. I knew that you liked that Sam guy from Supernatural a lot. I mean, I know that you have a secret crush on him. But, to name your daughter after him. Weird, even for someone like you”, he grinned.

“That is what you thought?”, I scoffed.

“Yep”, he rolled his eyes, as if it was very obvious. “I didn’t realize where it was coming from until you said…”, he quoted in the air and said, “Sammy”.

“Not that”, I cut him off before he could continue. “That I had a secret crush on Sam?”

“Yeah, obviously”, he said turning to face our little garden that stood just before our porch; the garden he and I spent so many hours at. He leaned forward balancing on a single leg, and rested his arms on the railing for support. He looked at the garden nowhere in particular, when he said, “Do you know that every time that that guy Dean calls his brother Sammy you smile involuntarily?” he shot back a glance, and quickly turned back to stare at the garden.

I got up from the chair, made my way towards the railing, and propped myself against the railing facing his side waiting for a reaction. I could not read his expression like I usually do. He still had this glassy look in his eyes. I let out a sigh. He stood upright, his fingers dancing on the railing to a tune we both knew. I reached up and ran my fingers through his ruffled hair, “You look cute when you are angry. Do you know that?”

He scoffed, “Firstly, I am cute all the time” stressing on the am, and continued, “Secondly, I am not angry”, he stated matter-of-factly.

“Jealous, then”, I smirked.

“Now why would I be jealous of the no-sharp-features and over-emotional guy?” he blurted.

“Because you think I like him”, I said showing no emotion.

“No. I know you like him”, he corrected me trying to take the heat off him.

I laughed for the first time since morning, “It amazes me how ignorant you are” I pinched his nose. He jerked and threw his hands up in mock-exasperation, and let out a fake “Ouch”.

I shifted positions, facing the porch now. Leaning sideways on the railing wasn’t too pleasant on my hips. “I mean, it is news to me that I smile when Dean calls Sam as Sammy. But, perhaps the reason is not because I like Sam.”

He was back to leaning on the railing now, this time facing the porch just like me. He was waiting for me to complete. I inched a little bit closer, looked sideways, and said, “It is Dean that I like”. The strange glassiness over his eyes was gone now, as if he had realized something. I could see a smirk that he could not hide. He turned towards me now smiling, “But, then you name your daughter Deanna”. I could not guess for what he rolled his eyes. Was it for naming our daughter after a TV character or for naming our daughter not after my crush but his brother?

I let it slide, and continued, “You ignorant jackass. I do not like Sammy, but the way Dean calls him Sammy. It is the way that I would like our daughter to be called by her man.” I choked a little bit not wanting to continue further. Reluctantly I continued, “It is the way you call me. And that is why I like Dean” I looked away now, kinda hurt that he did not realize it all along.

He slid his arm around me, and said, “You are so dumb.”

I looked up into his eyes. His eyes were soft, and clear. Just like I always knew.

“And, you are an idiot”, I tried to free myself from his grasp. “Now stop acting”, he replied, and held me closer.

A dream, with a hint of imagination

“Your parents are not going to be happy that you’re naming your daughter Samantha”, he whispered in my ears. “Now that is for another day”, I winked.