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Take your pet for a walk

What kind of a pet do you have?

I have a dog.

I take her for walks (She takes me rather). Dawn, Dusk or Night. I let her bark, and run. I let her loose. I let her be.

She is apprehensive of strangers. Sometimes even barks at friends. “You have an unpredictable dog”, people say.

I know that she can be trouble.

I know that she can be unreasonable at times.

I know that she is a mean dog when she wants to be.

I wish she would rein in herself more often than not.

I hoped for so many years that I could use a magic wand and turn her into a Chihuahua(Meek and Friendly) or even a Pomeranian(Soft and Cuddly)

There were days when I thought I should just lock her up.

Then, I met somebody. She had a dog. The loving and caring pug. “Awww”, I said. And in awe I was. For many a day I wish my dog was like hers.

One fine day, I visited that somebody at her home. I saw her pug at a distance dancing in her kennel. “How cute”, I thought. “Why is she excited?” I asked. “Oh, for nothing”, the somebody said. “Why don’t you take her out for a walk?” I asked. She stared at me in disbelief. I shrugged my shoulders, and went up to the kennel. The kennel was dirty, damp and stunk. Up close I could see that the pug wasn’t dancing; it was scratching. I crinkled my nose and took a step back, when the owner mentioned casually, “Don’t go too close; She bites..”

“But she was such a sweet dog the other day!” I exclaimed. I couldn’t mention the stink in case the somebody gets offended.

“Ah, you were new, and she was pretending”, the somebody winked.

Taken by total surprise and to a level disgusted I asked “Why is she growling ans scratching?” I asked.

“She likes to scratch… In private… And she’s growling because she wants to be let out”, the lady pouted, as if that was a crime.

“Why don’t you take her for a walk? Let her loose for a while…” I suggested for a second time.

“Are you kidding? What if she barks at people? What if she runs wild? What if people don’t like her? What if she gets hurt?” she directed a multitude of questions towards me.

“What if she haves fun? What if she is just being herself?” I asked .

I left her home that day a little happy, and a little sorry.

I was happy that I had my dog. She barked, she lost control, she was even mean, but never mean-spirited. I made myself a promise that I would love her no matter what.

I was sorry for that somebody. Her dog was lovely to look at from a distance but up close and personal it was a unpleasant and definitely disgusting dog.

I’d rather have my noisy dog, than a pretty pug that stinks and bites when nobody’s around.

Sometimes we should let our dogs out. Let it be. Who cares about hurt or what others might think as long as you have some fun? Remember all fake-smiles and no barks makes yours a frustrated-and-nasty little dirty pug! 😛

So, what kind of pet do you have?