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Ignorant, I would rather be.

History; a figment of imagination,

So are leaders; well, most of them.

Hypocrisy is more common than heroism,

Movements for the most part are lies,

Lies wrapped in rhymes.

Morals are convenient, and so are principles.

Great men are no more made,

Rather they are self-proclaimed.

Masked in the name of humanity,

I see just trivial vanity,

To rebel is sexy,

Respect is for the ditsy,

You yearn for power,

You yearn for respect,

What good are you?

If you can’t swallow an opinion?

You judge and label,

For it is so easy,

I do not ask for prophecies.

I do not ask for direction.

I do not ask for wisdom.

For once I ask,

Leave me be, just in peace.

Ignorant I would rather be.